The Vines singer speaks out

Craig Nicholls gives NME the inside story on his new album

The VinesCraig Nicholls has spoken exclusively to NME about being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.

Despite the band looking on the verge of collapse when the singer first learnt he had the condition in 2004, they have since recorded their third album ‘Vision Valley’ which is set for release on April 4.

“I always had an inkling something wasn’t right,” Nicholls has revealed. “I just didn’t know what it was. But I spoke to someone and it made a lot of sense as to why I’d feel a certain way about things and behave in a certain way.”


The frontman is now receiving professional help and is taking

medication for the condition.

In our exclusive interview with The Vines, Nicholls talks about his treatment and how he has changed since the diagnosis.

To read the full interview with The Vines be sure to pick up next week’s edition of NME, on newsstands in London on Tuesday (March 28) and nationwide the following day.

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