The Vines ‘back on track’

'Edgier and wilder' third album in the bag

The Vines have overcome the traumas of recent years and completed their third album.

The band have just completed a four-week stint in Sydney’s BJB Studios with producer Wayne Connerly, and made an album he says is “edgier and wilder”.

The sessions mark a return to action for the band, who looked on the verge of collapse when frontman Craig Nicholls was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome.


“There’s a bunch of different styles on this record,” Connerly told NME. “He’s kind of got a little bit of that space rock stuff but he’s also got some really intense wild punk rock, there something very primal about it.”

He added: “Then he’s got a couple of great Beatles kind of punk rock songs, a bit of sixties beat garage stuff, a couple of really good indie slacker tracks and a bit of soaring pop stuff like that. A few strings. He’s always been a really big fan of that lush production, whether it’s been obvious in the past.”

Working track titles include ‘Nothing’s Coming’, ‘Any Sound’ and ‘Take Me Back’.

And relations within the band are good, says Connerly. “The morale’s been really good because they do enjoy recording. It kind of makes it easier for everybody. Craig doesn’t really devote himself to the serious issues of the day, he pretty much devotes most of his energy to hiding behind doors and scaring people. It’s great to see his eccentric playful side.”

However, bass player Patrick Matthews has played a minimal role in the new album, since his side project Youth Group took off.

The album is expected to be released next year, though management have previously gone on record saying that the band will “never” go on a traditional tour again.