The Vines’ Craig Nicholls: ‘I was very big-headed’

The frontman has said he thought he was a 'genius'

The Vines frontman Craig Nicholls has spoken about his approach to music in the band’s early days, calling himself “very big-headed”.

“Even before we put out an album, I was very big-headed. I knew I wanted to do something big and special,” said the frontman to The Guardian. “I already thought I was a genius! So I was just going ‘great!’ My head got even bigger! I liked it. Maybe I should say I didn’t know what all the fuss was about but I think we deserved that attention.”

The Australian rock band released their debut LP, ‘Highly Evolved’, in 2002. Their sixth album ‘Wicked Nature’ came out earlier this month. It is their first album since 2011’s ‘Future Primitive’ and has been crowdfunded by fans via PledgeMusic.


Speaking about his formerly volatile behaviour, Nicholls commented: “It’s better now, I’m a little bit older so I can hopefully avoid anything happening and we can do some gigs. They won’t be completely boring, I’m still mental, but it won’t be insanely violent at any point, hopefully. When you’re making music, you don’t want insane violence.”