A photographer claims her equipment was damaged and the radio station at the centre of the storm say they're not too happy with the band either...

THE VINES onstage bust-up in SYDNEY is having knock on effects – with a photographer claiming her equipment was damaged and the radio station involved reportedly now refusing to play the band’s songs.

As previously reported, the band cancelled a show in the city (May 28) after a radio gig at the Annandale Hotel saw bassist Patrick Matthews walk offstage halfway through the first song (May 27).

Over the weekend reports of the incident have featured in a number of local newspapers, with the Sun Herald claiming one of their photographers suffered damage to equipment after a run-in with singer Craig Nicholls.

The newspaper reported on Sunday (May 30) that despite being given permission to take pictures of the show, photographer Janie Barrett had her equipment damaged when Craig kicked out during the performance.

Barrett said: “It was completely out of the blue. I was shocked and stunned, totally flabbergasted when it happened. I’ve never had any violence directed towards me in this way.”

In addition, the radio station who hosted the concert are reportedly considering banning the band from their network.

Mike Fitzpatrick, Triple M’s program director, told the paper: “Craig used to work at McDonald’s and I won’t be surprised if it all goes wrong and he ends up back there.”

The group are due to go to the US next month for a tour.