The group have started the follow-up to 'Winning Days'...

Vines have begun the follow up to ‘WINNING DAYS’ – the first time the band have been in a studio since frontman CRAIG NICHOLLS was diagnosed with neurobiological disorder Aspergers Syndrome late last year.

According to a statement posted on the band’s website, the group are currently recording in a Sydney studio with Australian producer Wayne Connolly and are “sounding brilliant.”

“Craig is in a great frame of mind and is healthier than he’s ever been,” the statement continues. “The band will demo 13 new songs which are sounding brilliant – mainly heavy, poppy and melodic plus two amazing acoustic numbers. The band are genuinely excited about being back together in the studio and can’t wait to see what comes out. Thanks so much to each every Vines fan who has been patient and understanding above and beyond the call of duty.”


However, there is doubt over whether bassist Patrick Matthews is still a member of the band. Matthews is currently on tour with his other band Youth Group, supporting The Music on a series of dates around the UK.

Speaking with Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph yesterday (May 22), drummer Hamish Rosser said he “didn’t know” if Matthews would return to Australia to be part of the recording sessions.

“I want (Patrick) to continue playing in Vines, but I don’t know what his decision will be,” he said.

Rosser went on to say he had “always had faith” in Nicholl’s songwriting, adding; “it’s the one thing he does better than most people.”

“I’m committed to Vines, and it is my first priority – but with (Nicholl’s condition) there’s not much of a touring future for us,” he said. “I’ve heard a good deal of (the songs for the new record) and it’s going to be a killer album.”