The troubled Aussies WILL be back...

Vines drummer HAMISH ROSSER has assured fans that, despite the recent turbulence, the band will make a third album.

The Australian rockers’ future was thrown into doubt when Craig Nicholls cracked up onstage at Sydney’s Annandale Hotel last year and was subsequently diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

But now Rosser, talking to Vines fansite, has revealed which way the band are heading: “Hang in there, we’ll record another album for you,” he said.

And while the record is still in pre-production stages, Rosser revealed his own predictions for the album.

He said: “The next album will almost definitely be made in Australia, which might rule out Rob Schnapf (as producer) because he has a wife and two young kids which he won’t want to be separated from for very long and we probably can’t afford to fly them out here and put them up. If I was in charge, and I’m not, I’d go for a more polished sound and be more like the true rock band that we are – rough and dirty.”

Rosser continued: “As you’d expect from a Vines album there’ll be a diverse range of songs. They range from the spacey ballad style of (live favourite) ‘Going Going Gone’ through to the balls out rockers that we all love and some inbetween. I think on the whole, album three will be heavier than ‘Winning Days’. Ryan and I both write songs but you won’t hear them on a Vines album any time soon. The new album will probably all be composed by Craig.”

He also gave his own insight into the band’s traumatic year: “The low point would be our one and only trip to Japan at the end of a four month world tour in 2004. It was the last stop before we returned to Australia and exploded onstage at the Annandale in Sydney. I won’t go into too much detail but it was miserable for everybody involved, especially when you consider that the Japanese are the most polite, accommodating and fanatical of all the world’s people and every other band has a ball there.”