Get Valentine’s Day cards from The Vines and Franz!

And they're for a good cause

The Vines, Franz Ferdinand, The Magic Numbers and The Subways have all made unique Valentine’s Day cards for a new PETA campaign.

The stars all contributed to help out the animal rights organisations’ ‘Have a Heart for Animals’ campaign.

The Vines‘ card is signed by all the band members, with drawings of animals, including a fish, a rabbit and a lion, as well as the band’s logo. Franz Ferdinand’s card is also a joint effort, with signatures from the band appearing alongside drawings of dogs.

PETA campaign co-ordinator Anita Singh said: “These big-hearted stars are helping us spread the simple message that we should all act with kindness towards animals.”

She added: “Whether a pig or a dog, a mouse or a whale, all animals have the same capacity to feel, and we hope people will extend their circle of compassion to include all animals.”