The Vines complete third album

And there's new material online too

The Vines have finished their third album.

In a statement on the band’s official website, the Australian group have confirmed the follow-up to ‘Winning Days’ is done, and due in April.

“‘This is the best part of making an album! It’s the best part’ cried Craig triumphantly as the new album was mastered in Sydney just a few short days ago,” the statement reads. “The very next day the band all huddled around the radio in Sydney to hear ‘Gross Out’ played on the radio for the first time, following on from Zane Lowe’s double play in London on Wednesday night – we’ve always liked that nice Zane you know.”


Two new songs, ‘Don’t Listen To The Radio’ and ‘Gross Out’ have been posted on the band’s official website,

The band have worked on the album in Sydney’s BJB Studios. The sessions marked a return to action for the band, who looked on the verge of collapse when frontman Craig Nicholls was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Working track titles include ‘Nothing’s Coming’, ‘Any Sound’ and ‘Take Me Back’.

However, bass player Patrick Matthews has played a minimal role in the new album, since his side project Youth Group took off.

The band’s management have previously gone on record saying that the band will “never” go on a traditional tour again.