Youth Group will release debut EP and tour in May…

Vines’ PATRICK MATTHEWS is to feature on the upcoming debut EP from Australia’s YOUTH GROUP.

’Someone Else’s Dream’ is set to be released on May 16 through Epitaph Records.

The band’s first UK release, the limited edition ’Someone Else’s Dream’, will also include ’Baby Body’, ’Time Freezes’ and a demo version of ’Daisychains’.

The video to ’Baby Body’ will also be included.

Youth Group’s album ’Skeleton Jar is scheduled for release on July 11 and the band will play their first UK tour this May supporting Music.

The dates are:

Hull University (May 20)

Middlesbrough Empire (21)

Lancaster Sugarhouse (22)

Sheffield Leadmill (24)

Keele University (28)

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As previously reported on NME.COM, the future of Vines was cast into doubt after singer Craig Nicholls was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in November.

Andy Kelly – one of Vines’ three managers – told NME.COM: “They will never, ever tour like they did before, and playing shows is probably the last thing that will be worked out, really. When they’ve got enough songs that they’re happy with and they feel ready to make an album; once that’s done is probably when they think about how they want to do shows or if they want to do shows.”

He added: “But it’s never going to work in a traditional ‘demo, record, release, tour’ cycle again. It’s going to be much more – probably – relaxed and… unconventional, I suppose.”