And it could be years before fans are able to see them play again or hear new material...

Vineswill “never, ever” return to full-time touring and it could be years before fans are able to see them play again or hear new material, NME.COM can exclusively reveal.

As previously reported on NME.COM, it was announced frontman Craig Nicholls’ has been diagnosed with neurobiological disorder Asperger’s Syndrome during an appearance in Sydney’s Balmain Local Court on Friday (November 19), where he faced charges relating to the alleged assault of a photographer and damage to her camera during a show for Australian radio station Triple M last May. As a result of his illness, Nicholls was given an unconditional discharge and left the court with his arms in the air saying; “I’m free.”

Speaking with NME.COM today (November 23), Andy Kelly – one of Vines’ three managers – says the bands main priority was now writing and recording songs for their third album, but in agreement with their record companies in Australia, the UK and the US the band’s future touring and recording schedule would be “unconventional”.

“They will never, ever tour like they did before, and playing shows is probably the last thing that will be worked out, really,” he said. “When they’ve got enough songs that they’re happy with and they feel ready to make an album; once that’s done is probably when they think about how they want to do shows or if they want to do shows. But it’s never going to work in a traditional ‘demo, record, release, tour’ cycle again. It’s going to be much more – probably – relaxed and… unconventional, I suppose.”

Kelly emphasised that while the band would begin working on new tracks in the next couple of weeks, there would be no deadlines for material to be completed and that as long as “the band and Craig (are) happy no-one’s going to put any pressure on them for it to work any other way”.

“They’re not working toward any release schedule or anything,” he told NME.COM. “Obviously the big part of Craig’s diagnosis is to just let things happen when they happen. After Friday, when the charges were dismissed and now that Craig has been diagnosed with Asperger’s, it’s a huge relief for the band and a huge relief for him – the first thing that he said when he came out of court was; ‘It’s so great that now we can just play music again and not worry about other stuff.’ And that’s sort of the approach that everyone’s taking – not to suddenly feel locked in to a schedule where you have to have demos done by this time and an album done by this time and a tour booked by this time… because that’s just not how it’s ever going to work for Vines again.”

Vines’ manager also acknowledged that both he and the band’s record companies were prepared for the fact that new material could be years away, but said their main concern was to make sure the band were comfortable and “that’s why there’s no time limit on it”.

“Craig’s just happy writing songs and recording, and that’s pretty much how it’s going to be,” he added. “Craig has no intention of doing any more interviews or anything like that – and everyone totally accepts it. It’s even… if that’s the case, you have to accept that you’ll probably sell a lot less records, but everyone just wants him to be happy, so that’s kind of what it is. (Dealing with Asperger’s) is just about managing your lifestyle and your situation – Craig’s comfortable as much of the time as he can be.”