It's, erm, Dr Pepper all the way now for Craig Nicholls - and we've got details on the band's new album...

CRAIG NICHOLLS is so pissed off with COKE that he’s boycotting the drink for DR PEPPER!

As NME reported last week, a computerised image resembling that of Vines’ singer turned up on a series of new Coke cans in Australia as a “complete surprise” to the band and their management.


drummer Hamish Rosser, who thinks Coke’s actions were “rude” and “not authorised by the band” spoke to NME.COM shortly after their rescheduled NME Awards show at The Astoria in London.

>He said: “Craig’s drinking Dr Pepper now! He’s onto Dr Pepper. Dr Pepper’s not made by the Coca Cola Corporation (in the US), but it’s still a sugary caffeine drink!

“I mean, he’s given Coke enough free marketing as it is by drinking it all the time. For them to do what they’ve done, I think they’re taking the piss, really.”

Following their UK tour, the group will head back into the studio to work on their second album. They are looking to a release in early 2004, even though their US label wants it by autumn.

Rosser added: “We’ll record 16 songs and end up with 12. We’ll record all the songs we’ve been doing on this tour that aren’t on the first album, so ‘Amnesia’ will be on it, ‘Fuck The World’’s definitely on it, we’re gonna record ‘Evil Town’, ‘Drown The Baptists’, ‘Sun Child’, hopefully ‘Blues Riff’ will make it, that’s a good one, ‘TV Pro’… There’s a couple of new ones, one called ‘Going Gone’, we’ve done that at a soundcheck but we’ve not played it at a gig yet, and that’s not any of the previous demos, and ‘Windy Days’ will be on it, that’s another one.”