And bassist Patrick Matthews says he wants to make a "mid-fi" record...

Vines are hoping to get their second album out as early as next year – and bassist PATRICK MATTHEWS wants to make it a “mid-fi” record.

The band currently touring North America with Music, have been playing a number of new songs slated for the LP while touring extensively this year, including ‘Fuck The World’, ‘Evil Town’ and ‘Amnesia’. And Matthews wants to get the songs nailed down in the studio as soon as they get a break.

He said: “Everybody talks about the really hi-fi, but I want to do it mid-fi. There are those things about recording in a non hi-fi manner that is cool and energetic that I want to capture. Just something exciting and visceral.”

Matthews told Billboard that after a year of incessant touring, the band – particularly singer/guitarist Craig Nicholls – are near their wits’ end.

Matthews adds: “I guess certain things happen, soundchecks go badly, and you think, ‘Oh god, the whole thing is going to fall apart unless we get some time off’. I’ve been saying that for a while and maybe it’s not true. It felt like that after the first US. tour we spent an unlimited time on the road, but we’ve kept it together so far. It always has felt like if we push it too hard, it will just blow up.”

Following their current American tour, Vines will see 2003 in by playing the Big Day Out festival in Australia and New Zealand, as well as short tour of Japan. It’s expected that they will begin work on their new LP shortly afterwards.