The Aussie band get ahead of themselves - their debut's not even out yet...

Vines have already written new songs for their next album – despite the fact they are still a month away from the release of debut album ‘HIGHLY EVOLVED’.

Speaking last week to NME.COM, bassist Patrick Matthews said: “(Lead singer and frontman) Craig’s got about four songs kicking around. Plus we’ve got all those old songs before we got signed which [number] in the twenties. The second album, we want to do that at the start of next year in Australia. We want to do it in Australia because we’ve been overseas for a long time now, almost two years and we want to go back.”

The group, currently on a tour of the US, said they are growing weary with the press hype surrounding them while they wait for their record to hit shelves.

“It basically is annoying that the album isn’t out for another month”, Matthews admitted. “It is gonna come out. But its getting a little too much now. There’s a lot of shows still between now and then. To us we worked so hard on the record and that’s what we wanted to say.”

Matthews also said rumours of the band not wanting to do interviews following their cover story in the NME were unfounded.

“It’s sort of true some of the stuff that was in it, like it’s an unstable outfit. But I think mainly we’ve learned to not get personal anymore… its sort of relevant, but its uncomfortable talking about that sort of thing. Craig will keep doing interviews. We’re really obsessed about this album and Craig wants to be Number One worldwide.”

In other Vines news, Matthews says the group were hoping to work with the hip-hop outfit The Neptunes in the future.

“A N*E*R*D./ Neptunes collaboration is what I want to happen. Our A&R guy in America says he knows the guys from the Neptunes and that’s my favorite record at the moment. The N*E*R*D thing. It’s hard to know how it would work out but I would love to do one of our songs in their style.”