It sounds like Pavement crossed with Van Halen, apparently...

Vines have scrapped plans to release their second album this year, but promise it will sound like Pavement and VAN HALEN when it does come out.

The group’s bassist Patrick Matthews told NME that they were currently working towards a “party metal record”, to be released early in 2004.

He said: “The first record was us going into the studio straight from playing in a garage. With this record, we’ve been playing a lot of the songs in soundcheck or at gigs for the last year or so.

“Some of the songs have a bit more of a Pavement feeling, something that never really came across much on the first record. Saying that, it’s much heavier now with Hamish [Rosser, drums] and Ryan [Griffiths, guitar] playing, there’s much more of a Van Halen influence.

“At the end of the day, I feel that finally we’ve made our party metal record.”

The band are recording the album, the follow-up to their debut Highly Evolved, in Bearsville Studios, outside New York, with producer Rob Schnapf.

Despite heavy studio security, band insiders have told NME that the new material is heavier than anything on Highly Evolved, while the ballads resemble “early solo John Lennon“.