Screaming fans, touts charging ridiculous amounts, new songs, phew...

Vines opened their biggest UK tour to date in style last night (October 24), playing BIRMINGHAM ACADEMY as part of the NME-sponsored TERM WARFARE tour.

Craig Nicholls and his band played their biggest ever UK headline show to date in front of more than 2,000 screaming fans. Even halfway through the 15-song set, which included three new tunes, at least one tout was offering tickets outside the gig for upwards of £40.

Meanwhile, inside the packed venue, Craig Nicholls seemed in relatively restrained and spaced-out mood, despite an atmosphere of general hysteria which saw several female fans carried out after fainting beside the stage crash barriers.

Scattered throughout the set, two of the new songs, ‘Amnesia’‘ and ‘Evil Town’, seemed to lean more towards the band’s tuneful powerpop side than their breakneck grunge tendencies.

But the last of the three, ‘Fuck The World’, closed the gig with a punky blast of raw power in vintage Stooges/Nirvana vein.

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