Virgins’ bassist says he’d ‘shag Amy Winehouse’ and marry Duffy

Adele is less fortunate though

The Virgins‘ bassist Nick Zarin-Ackerman has revealed which celebrities he would ‘shag, marry and push off a cliff’.

Zarin-Ackerman was given the ‘forced choice’ question during an interview with

His choice of celebrities to pick from was Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele.


After admitting that he didn’t know who Adele was – so would have to push off a cliff – Zarin-Ackerman revealed that he is especially keen on bedding Winehouse.

“I’d shag Amy Winehouse. It seems like she’s spunky and it would be an interesting night, but I don’t think I could marry her. I don’t like that much drama,” he said.

“And I’d marry Duffy, because she seems quite pleasant. So I’d have her as a wife. Keep her in the kitchen and tell her to shut up. No! I’m just kidding.”

He also compared The Virgins music to a brand of sneaker in the interview, saying they were like Nike.

“Basic, simple, but stylish and peppy,” Zarin-Ackerman said.