The Virgins: ‘How can you camp by the toilets at Glastonbury?’ – video

Donald Cumming warns campers to be more careful where they pitch their tents

The Virgins have said they were shocked by some of the places people chose to camp at Glastonbury.

Speaking in a video interview you can watch below, frontman Donald Cumming said he had seen the worst-picked pitch of all while walking around Worthy Farm.

“The foulest thing I’ve seen so far, there’s like a camp ground set up just by a bunch of bathrooms,” he declared.


“I mean, obviously, the smell is really intense, and that alone, but also every two secs the bathrooms are just slamming the doors.

“There’s a camp ground just there, so these people are literally sleeping in the smell of shit and the sounds of bathroom doors just going and going. I personally would have pitched my tent somewhere else.”

Watch the full video interview below, then head to NME.COM Glastonbury 2009 index to relive this year’s festival now.

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