'C'mon C'mon' is this week's Number One...

Von Bondies’ ‘C’MON C’MON’ has toppled Franz Ferdinand from atop the NME CHART after the Scots spent two weeks at number one with ‘TAKE ME OUT’.

Hundred Reasons narrowly missed out on the top spot at Number Two, while Placebo made a strong debut at Four.

The Stills and The Ordinary Boys kept the bottom end of the rundown warm, but if you still feel your chart is empty and meaningless, then get voting…

The chart in full runs:

1. Hundred Reasons – ‘C’Mon C’Mon’

2. Hundred Reasons – ‘What You Get’

3. Rapture – ‘Take Me Out’

4. Placebo -‘English Summer Rain’

5. Razorlight – ‘Stumble And Fall’

6. [a][/a] – ‘Love Is All’

7. Belle And Sebastian – ‘I’m A Cuckoo’

8. Auf Der Maur – ‘Followed The Waves’

9. Ordinary Boys – ‘Maybe Someday’

10. The Stills – ‘Lola Stars And Stripes’

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