Feud has been "blown out of proportion" says frontman of band labelled "sore thumb" by Jack White...

Von Bondies

have denied there is any major feud between them and White Stripes, despite JACK WHITE claiming in NME they had “lost their minds.”

Last month a major rock rift appeared to have opened with White Stripes and the rock fraternity of Detroit on one side and Von Bondies on the other. Speaking in NME, Jack claimed the group had “lost their minds” and that singer Jason Stollsteimer had “gone off the deep end”. Not so, says Jason.


He told NME: “Things have gotten blown out of proportion. [Jack] was at our Coachella show right in the middle row. That was just a few months ago.”>

He added: “White Stripes aren’t the type of people you call on the cellphone every day. Everyone is really busy. It’s not like we go over to each other’s houses and watch movies and eat popcorn together. With any of these people it’s a respect thing. It’s not out of the ordinary for any of the [Detroit] bands not to talk to anyone for a long time.”

But Stollsteimer and friends used to go over to Jack White’s house quite a lot. It was there he and his band rehearsed tracks for their debut album ‘Lack Of Communication’, which was co-produced by Jack.

It’s unheard of for Jack to publicly diss Detroit bands – he is usually a loyal supporter and sponsor of them all. “I produced that band, got them a record deal,” he said last month. “Detroit is such a great family and they’re kind of a sore thumb. I don’t speak to them. When you get burned constantly, there’s no point in forgiveness any more.

“I don’t know what their problem is. They’ve really lost their minds. [Stollsteimer] has really gone off the deep end – he’s very mean-spirited,” he claimed.

Von Bondies have spent a large proportion of the last year in San Francisco recording their new album ‘Pawn Shoppe Heart’. They signed a deal with major label Warner Brothers last year.


“The new record is not as bluesy as the last,” Jason told NME.COM. “On the first record it was mostly me because we hadn’t been a band for very long – we hadn’t gelled. Now on the new record it’s four personalities coming together. We have our sound. You can’t really hear the definite influences.”

‘Pawn Shoppe Heart’ is released early next year. Von Bondies also play two shows in London at the 100 Club on November 4 and 7.

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