Jerry Harrison is producing 'Pawn Shoppe Part' - and it should be out this year...

Von Bondies are in the studio with former Talking Heads man and “super-duper great guy” JERRY HARRISON recording their new album ‘PAWN SHOPPE PART’.

Carrie Von Bondie told NME.COM the group want to release the follow-up to 2002’s ‘Lack Of Communication’ by the autumn.

She added: “We’ve actually just been recording the last two and a half weeks and things have been going well. Jerry’s a super-duper great guy. We’re doing it in Sausalito, which is just north of San Francisco. It’s his studio.”

Von Bondies say they have more than enough songs for ‘Pawn Shoppe Part’. Song titles include ‘Not That Social’, ‘Tell Me What You See’ and ‘Crawl Through the Darkness’.

Carrie revealed the band have high hopes for the record.

She commented: “Our hope is to do what every band wants to do with a second record – to have it be enough like the first one people will listen to it and say, ‘Oh! It’s a Von Bondies record’, but to not just have all of the same songs so it’s boring. It’s going to have a lot of variety like the last one did. There’s a lot of heartbreak.”