The Walkmen give NME tour update

Peter Bauer talks about life on the road with Kaisers

The Walkmen bassist has talked to NME.COM about their recent weeks on the road with Kaiser Chiefs on the NME Presents tour of North America.

Speaking by phone from a car “somewhere in the middle of rural Washington State”, Bauer admitted that although the band have been thoroughly enjoying touring with the massive British exports, they’ve not had a chance to hang out.

“I haven’t met them yet” he revealed. “I’ve met one of them, the fellow named Peanut. We’ve been going home (after the show). We’re in a little van. We get ourselves hotel rooms. We don’t like buses.”

And driving themselves has afforded the band the opportunity to sightsee.

“It’s been a hell of a drive” said Bauer “We’ve been driving non stop for 40 hours. It’s been great. We stopped at the Grand Coulee Dam yesterday.”

And when the tour wraps up this weekend, Bauer says his band will resume work on the follow-up to 2006’s ‘A Hundred Miles Off’.

“We’re going to record our record all summer. We’re around half way done, and we’re hopefully going to finish it over the summer. We have an idea of putting it out in the fall. But it could come out anytime from fall to winter.”

And he says the band are very happy with how it’s sounding so far:

“It’s sounding really, really great. Fantastic. We’ve actually recorded half of it. We’ve been doing it in Hoboken, New Jersey with an engineer called John Agnello. One of the songs is called ‘I Lost You’. That’s the one the band is most extremely excited about.”

–By our New York staff.

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