The Walkmen preview new material in LA

Forthcoming tracks get an airing at the Troubadour

Hundreds of rapturous showgoers were thwarted in their attempts at ruining their voices by singing along with Hamilton Leithauser’s bellowed vocals at last night’s show by The Walkmen.

The near-capacity crowd at the Troubadour did some serious vocal-cord damage wailing out the words to old faves like ‘Thinking of a Dream I Had’ and ‘138th St.’, while half the band’s set was made up of unfamiliar new material from its upcoming, as-yet-untitled album.

“We still have one or two more to write,” noted bassist/drummer Pete Bauer after the show, “but we wanted to get out and let our fans hear our new stuff.” Though the new songs being played on tour have been recorded, Bauer indicated a release date for the band’s next album has yet to be determined.

Though the audience weretreated to outstanding performances of songs both brand-new and old (even typically- impassive Spoon frontman Britt Daniel could be seen beaming approvingly through a mesmerising take on ‘No Christmas While I’m Talking’), nothing from the song-for-song cover of the 1974 Harry Nilsson/John Lennon collaboration appeared in the set.

“Those songs are a disaster,” laughed Bauer when asked about it. “The audience can’t get drunk enough to want to hear those songs. Maybe if we were playing to a crowd of bikers, we’d pull them out, but even then, I don’t know.”

The Walkmen’s tour continues this week along the West coast, with additional dates scheduled for January 2008.

They played:

3 new songs

‘Good For You’s Good For Me’

‘Thinking of a Dream I Had’

‘138th St.’

‘Blue Root’ (new song)

‘I Lost You’ (new song)

‘No Christmas While I’m Talking’

‘Around and Around’ (new song)


‘All Hands and the Cook’

new song

‘Bows + Arrows’

‘Wake Up’

–By our Los Angeles staff.

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