The Walkmen plan second new album this year

The band 'reconstruct' classic album

The Walkmen have announced details of a second new album this year, before their lastest record ‘A Hundred Miles Off’ has even been released in the UK.

Their track-by-track recreation of Harry Nilsson’s 1974 ‘Pussy Cats’ album, titled ‘Pussy Cats Starring The Walkmen’, was recorded during the same sessions as the new LP ‘A Hundred Miles Off’.

The album features guest contributors from New York’s indie scene and also includes a variety of instruments including strings, saxophone, double bass, glockenspiel and kazoo.

Speaking to Pitchfork, keyboardist Walt Martin said: “There was no real plan. It just sounded like a really fun idea. We decided what we wanted is do it pretty fast so it would stay fun the whole time, and we got lucky somehow and were able to do it fast. It never got to where it was a real drag.”

The album will also be packaged with a DVD featuring a 20-minute documentary, ‘In Loving Recollection’, following the making of ‘Pussy Cats Starring The Walkmen’.

The tracklisting is as follows:

‘Many Rivers To Cross’

‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’

‘Don’t Forget Me’

‘All My Life’

‘Old Forgotten Soldier’

‘Save The Last Dance For Me’

‘Mucho Mongo’

‘Loop De Loop’

‘Black Sail’

‘Rock Around The Clock’

‘Pussy Cats Starring The Walkmen’ is released in the US on October 24 through Record Collection. A UK release has yet to be confirmed.

‘A Hundred Miles Off’ is out on September 18.