Member of The Wanted punched in face for pulling man’s beard

Max George reveals how bizarre fight started

Max George of The Wanted has revealed that he was punched in the face once after pulling on a man’s beard.

The boyband star, who has enjoyed hits such as ‘Glad You Came’, ‘Chasing The Sun’ and ‘Gold Forever’ as part of The Wanted revealed how he got punched “square on the chin” after becoming enamoured with the facial hair and attempting to get a closer look. Speaking to Fabulous magazine, George said:

I got punched by some big dude with a beard, because apparently I tugged on it. I didn’t tug it, I just stroked it and said it was awesome and he laid into me. I had no chance! He punched me square on the chin.

The Wanted, who were beaten to the title of Worst Band at the 2012 NME Awards by One Direction, release new single ‘I Found You’ this week (November 5).

Reviewing the track for NME, Ben Hewitt wrote: Are people so starved of charismatic eye-candy nowadays that girls actually lust after The Wanted? This gaggle of gormless, grinning and dull chimps? “I found you in a river of pure emotion,” they simper on ‘I Found You’, in falsettos so uncomfortable it’s like helium’s been injected directly into their scrotums.