The Weeknd has dropped a dark new video for ‘Call Out My Name’

Bats turning to rubble, billowing fires and a monochrome auditorium

The Weeknd has dropped the official video for his new single ‘Call Out My Name’.

At the start of the clip, the musician is seen walking through the street at twilight. As the chorus drops, a flock of bats rush behind his head before shattering into black rubble.

In a black and white clip, he dances on the stage of an auditorium before walking into a desert landscape in the screen behind him.


Animals stand stationary as fire billows beside them, and what appears to be a woman with silver skin shines in the distance beyond a wall of flames.

Watch the full video below:

The video is directed by Grant Singer, who also directed the videos for ‘Starboy’ and ‘The Hills’.

‘Call Out My Name’ is from The Weeknd’s new EP, ‘My Dear Melancholy’, which dropped in a surprise release on March 30.

In a review, NME’s Jordan Bassett said of the record: “Where the 18-track ‘Starboy’ often drifted into forgettable airiness, his latest offering is tighter and more focused, with greater attention to detail.”


Earlier this month, The Weeknd reportedly filed a lawsuit against an individual who tried to trademark the phrase ‘Starboy’, the title of his 2016 album.