The Weeknd has written two songs with Daft Punk for his new album, ‘Starboy’

The title track of the Torontonian's third album was just his first collaboration with the robots

The Weeknd has revealed that he has written two songs with Daft Punk for his forthcoming third album, ‘Starboy’.

The title track from ‘Starboy’ was released back in September, which The Weeknd – AKA Abel Tesfaye – co-wrote with the rarely-seen Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The accompanying video featured Daft Punk displayed in a portrait that is hanging in Tesfaye’s apartment.

Speaking in a new Wall Street Journal profile, Tesfaye revealed that sessions in the studio with Daft Punk had been so productive that the two artists managed to write two songs together that made the final cut on ‘Starboy’.


“The remarkably spontaneous sessions yielded two songs on the album,” The Weeknd revealed, before shining a light on how Daft Punk operate in the studio. “Their studio is like a spaceship, there’s a lot of gear, but the way they make music, the way they explain it, is very cinematic.

“It’s like they’re reading a page out of a novel — ‘We want to make sure that at the end, it feels like the sun’s coming up, and maybe there’s a car chase.’ They can get technical, but it was interesting how they visualise making music.”

The tracklist for ‘Starboy’ has yet to be confirmed, with the album expected to be released on November 25. Listen to ‘Starboy’ below.

In the same WSJ profile, The Weeknd confirmed that the title of his new album – and persona – is intended to be a nod to the late David Bowie.

“I just love Bowie, I think he’s the ultimate inventor,” Tesfaye said of the iconic artist, who died earlier this year.