The Weeknd says his new album is ‘coming soon’

Starboy teased that big things are ahead...

The Weeknd has promised fans that his next album is in the works and will be “coming soon”.

The Canadian artist released his third studio album, ‘Starboy‘, in 2016. It was followed by the surprise ‘My Dear Melancholy’ EP earlier this year. Reviewing the six-track collection, NME said: “Where ‘Starboy’ often drifted into forgettable airiness, his latest offering is tighter and more focused, with greater attention to detail.”

Now, the musician – whose real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye – has updated fans on the progress of his next full-length.

Speaking to the crowd during a show in his home city of Toronto, The Weeknd said: “I wanna let you guys know, being in Toronto these past two days… I haven’t been this inspired in years, I got to tell you.” Check out a clip of the moment below.

Revealing that he’s “working on my [his] album right now”, Tesfaye promised: “‘Chapter 6’ coming soon, let’s get it!”

Hinting at big things to come, the singer tweeted: “some chapters are smaller than others. not this next one though…”

Earlier this year, The Weeknd said that he’d finished work on a “very upbeat” and “beautiful” album that will never be released. After saying that the shelved project was written “a different time” in his life, he added: “I don’t want to perform something that I don’t feel.”

Meanwhile, it was reported last month that The Weeknd and Daft Punk are being sued over claims that they ‘ripped off’ a poet on the hit ‘Starboy’.