The Weeknd plans to get rid of alter-ego, says he wants “to kill The Weeknd”

"The album I'm working on now is probably my last hurrah as the Weeknd"

The Weeknd has recently said that he wants to get rid of his alter-ego, saying that he ” wants to kill The Weeknd.”

In a recent interview with W Magazine alongside his The Idol co-star Lily-Rose Depp, The Weeknd made it known that he wants to continue with his creative endeavours, only under his real name, Abel Tesfaye.

The Canadian singer told the interviewer that he’s on “a cathartic path right now” and is “getting to a place and a time where [he’s] getting ready to close The Weeknd chapter”.


While he might be moving to switch between his moniker and his real name, he’ll eventually “try to shed that skin and be reborn.”

Speaking about his new music, he said: “The album I’m working on now is probably my last hurrah as the Weeknd. This is something that I have to do. As the Weeknd, I’ve said everything I can say.”

The Idol is a new show Tesfaye co-created for HBO Max. In the new W interview, he also spoke about The Idol reshoots were taking a huge toll on his “health and home”. This comes after an incident last year when Tesfaye cancelled his concert mid-performance after losing his voice.

“My theory is that I forgot how to sing because I was playing Tedros, a character who doesn’t know how to sing,” he explained. “My secret skill is that I don’t panic. But I did panic when I lost my voice. I had to rest and reflect and think about The Weeknd and Tedros and all that had happened with the show.”


Tesfaye first emerged as The Weeknd in 2011 with his acclaimed mixtapes ‘House Of Balloons’, ‘Thursday’ and ‘Echoes Of Silence’. These would go on to be collected as the now iconic ‘Trilogy’ set. Since then he has released five albums, with the last being 2022’s ‘Dawn FM‘. He has also appeared on both the big and small screen, appearing in Uncut Gems, American Dad, The Simpsons and more.

In other news, it has also emerged that The Weeknd wants to purchase the NHL team Ottawa Senators. Ryan Reynolds and Snoop Dogg are also in battle to win ownership of the team.

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