The Weeknd says there will be no special guests at his Super Bowl halftime show

"There wasn’t any room to fit it in the narrative, in the story I was telling in the performance"

The Weeknd is set to deliver his anticipated Super Bowl halftime show this weekend, but he’s told fans that there’ll be no special guests.

Speaking in an interview with the NFL Network, The Weeknd said that he’s been reading the rumours that he might have planned special guest appearances for his performance, but he advises “I wouldn’t bet on it.”

“There wasn’t any room to fit it in the narrative, in the story I was telling in the performance,” he said. “So yeah. There’s no special guests.”


Rumours have been circulating around special guests since The Weeknd was announced as the halftime show performer, speculating whether he’d bring out past collaborators such as Ariana Grande, Kendrick LamarNicki Minaj or others.

As reported by Pitchfork, the most common rumour circulating is that the performance would feature an appearance from Daft Punk, who The Weeknd worked with extensively on his 2016 album ‘Starboy’.

The Weeknd gave a press conference earlier today about his performance, set to take place on February 7, where he explained the layout fans can expect.

“Due to the COVID and for the safety of the players and the workers, we built the stage within the stadium,” he said.


“We’re also using the field as well, but we wanted to do something that we’ve never done before. So we built the stage in the stadium, but I’m not gonna tell you anything else cos you have to watch on Sunday.”

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