The Whip and Dead Kids help Club NME Paris move to new venue

New monthly event begins at Elyse Montmartre

The Whip and Dead Kids played to a packed-out crowd in Paris last night (September 26) as Club NME Paris moved to its new home.

Kicking things off, Dead Kids triggered a circle pit in the former boxing venue before inciting a mass stage invasion.

The Whip stepped out to a thousand-strong crowd for a hit-packed set that that including live favourites ‘Sister Siam’ and ‘Divebomb’ before finishing with ‘Trash’.


The Whip played:

‘Sister Siam’






‘Plastic Girl’

‘Save My Soul’

‘Muzzle Number 1’


Club NME Paris‘ house DJs South Central, Vicarious Bliss and Autokratz then kept things going until the end of the night.

Club NME Paris returns on October 17 with The Ghost Frequency, Iglu And Hartley and Sonny J. Go to NME.COM/clubnme for more details.