‘The White Lotus’ season two theme song becomes surprise festival anthem

The quirky tune is a hit

The theme song for season two of The White Lotus has become a surprise festival anthem.

‘Renaissance (Main Title Theme)’ was composed by Chilean-Canadian artist Cristobal Tapia de Veer who also wrote the theme tune for season one of the HBO‘s black comedy-drama anthology series.

Unlike the season one tune, ‘Renaissance’ is a more upbeat affair that has an EDM breakdown towards the end, a structure that has appealed to crowds at festivals and beyond.


Besides inspiring thousands of TikToks as well as many impassioned arguments against the “skip intro” button, the theme has elsewhere been remixed and played at concerts by The Killers and Dominic Fike.

For weeks, social media users have been sharing footage of the theme song playing in festivals and clubs, with revellers appearing more than pleased to hear it.

The track was played at Meredith music festival in Victoria, Australia recently, with thousands of people in the afternoon singing along to its quirky melody.

A large effigy of actress Jennifer Coolidge, who stars in the series, was also spotted at the festival that night.


Composer Tapia de Veer spoke to Buzzfeed recently about the theme’s viral success.

“It’s really unexpected. Unlike producing the stuff for a band or my own record, this is never the intent for a show. It’s always about serving the show and not thinking really about a stand-alone hit or single or anything like that. So it’s kind of the cherry on top.”

He added: “It feels like it’s club-friendly already. It feels like a party and just an all-out celebration.”

See more examples of the theme song out in the wild below.


The White Lotus has been renewed for a third season although its resort setting is yet to be revealed.

The series tells the stories of rich people holidaying in the fancy White Lotus hotel chain, with many twists, turns and scandals. Season one was set in Hawaii.

In September the show won the 2022 Emmy for best limited or anthology series.

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