Jack White becomes a journalist

White Stripes man turns his hand to interviewing Cate Blanchett

Jack White has interviewed Australian actress Cate Blanchett for a article in Interview magazine.

In the feature, which takes the form of a question and answer session between White and Blanchett, the duo discuss their day jobs in music and film, as well as Shakespeare, religion and parenthood.

Speaking about his children, White said: “We’ve got a girl and a boy now. Scarlett White and Henry Lee White. They’re holding each other’s hands right now. Each moment doesn’t last long enough, does it?”

He later joked that he could, “always give them away if they don’t work out”.

White said he thinks of his gigs as the modern day equivalent of a community going to church every week.

“The thing I love about live performance the most,” he said, ” is that the doors are closed, the lights are turned down, and the audience has to be reverential to what’s happening onstage.

“It’s not like being at home where you can change channels, fast-forward, turn it off, put the book down, or walk away. It’s this phenomenon where we all, as a community, go to church and sit and experience this thing together.”