White Stripes’ orchestral album revealed in full

Could Jack and Meg be soundtracking a ballet?

More details of ‘Aluminium’, an orchestral reworking of The White Stripes’ music, have been revealed.

Music from ‘Aluminium’ looks set to soundtrack a ballet piece at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden this November, after choreographer Wayne McGregor chose selected tracks to use in his production.

Tracks included on ‘Aluminium’, previously announced on NME.COM, include versions of ‘Astro’, ‘Little Bird’ and ‘The Hardest Button To Button’.


In keeping with Jack White’s fondness for the number three, only 3,333 CDs will be released, along with 999 LPs, plus an unlimited download format, complete with an electronic booklet.

‘Aluminium’’s influence has also spread to the art world. Artist and White Stripes collaborator Rob Jones has created ten images to accompany the album, copies of which will be packaged with the record, while the originals are currently being exhibited at the Richard Goodall Gallery in Manchester.

The tracklisting for the album is as follows:


‘I’m Bound To Pack It Up’

‘Why Can’t You Be Nicer To Me?’



‘Never Far Away’

‘Little Bird’

‘Let’s Build A Home’

‘Who’s A Big Baby?’

‘The Hardest Button To Button’

‘Forever For Her (Is Over For Me)’

‘Aluminium’ is released on November 6. Further information can be found on the project’s Myspace page.

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