White Stripes go digital for ‘Icky Thump’

Jack and Meg become memory sticks for new release

Having given away a seven-inch vinyl free with NME recently (June 9), The White Stripes have now revealed their cutting edge side with a special release of new album ’Icky Thump’.

Following ’Rag And Bone’‘s exclusive release with out issue, the duo are issuing their new album on a special USB Flash Drive in America.

Following the likes of Keane, who released a single on the format, the complete album will be available on the memory sticks.

However fans will have to choose between Meg and Jack White as the devices come decorated as the pair wearing their pearly king and queen outfits that feature on the record’s cover.

The USB connectors are hidden under the duo’s hats, and they are limited to 3,333 copies of each White Stripe.

Sales are restricted to two per person, and are currently not available out side the US.

For more information Whitestripes.kungfunation.com.