Rare Jack White recording reissued

Pre-White Stripes material back on shelves

A rare recording featuring The White Stripes‘ frontman Jack White on guitar is to be reissued.

The Hentchmen released three seven-inch singles which featured White’Hentch-Forth’, ’Some Other Guy’ and ’Ham And Oil’ – all in 1998.

A collection, ’Hentch-Forth.Five’, is set to be released by Italy Records. The set contains an entire Hentchmen album, all the tracks from the singles plus an alternative take of the track ’Psycho Daisies’.

The package was remastered by Detroit producer Dan Currie.

The band (without White) are planning to play some US shows to coincide with the release.

It is expected to come out in the US in the Summer, reports The Modern Age.

The tracklisting is:

‘Some Other Guy’

‘Psycho Daisies’

‘Yesterday’s Trash’



‘Gawker Delay’

‘Me And My Monotone’

‘Big Screen Lover’

‘Little No More’

‘Carry Me Home’

‘R&R Cancer’

‘Ham And Oil’

‘Club Wagon’

‘Psycho Daisies’ (alternate take)