‘Meg White’ sex tape – ‘it’s definitely not the White Stripe’

Drummer's representatives quash THOSE internet rumours

A spokesperson for The White Stripes have told NME.COM that the woman in the supposed ’Meg White’ Sex Tape that has been circulating around the internet is definitely not the drummer.

As we reported yesterday (September 24), the highly dubious porn clip appeared online with many blogs and websites rushing to the mistaken conclusion that it was the White Stripe.

However, confirming what NME.COM suggested yesterday, White’s UK label have moved to quash any speculation it is her.


“We as a label believe some people have a very twisted sense of humour and this prank is in particularly bad taste,” a spokesperson said. “The tape circulating on the internet as featuring Meg White is fake. It’s definitely not Meg.”

As previously reported, the real Meg White is currently suffering from acute anxiety forcing The White Stripes to cancel all their tour dates this year.