Rare White Stripes single fetches almost $13,000 at auction

The duo's second-ever single features 'Lafayette Blues' and 'Sugar Never Tasted So Good'

A rare single by The White Stripes fetched almost $13,000 (£8,300) at auction earlier this week.

The seven-inch vinyl single is one of only 15 numbered copies and is the first in the series, with artwork prepared by Jack White and Italy Records owner David Buick. It was the Detroit duo’s second ever single and contains early tracks ‘Lafayette Blues’ and ‘Sugar Never Tasted So Good’.

The single sold for $12,700 (£8,100) to a private collector and, ironically, went unsold when White first tried to sell it for $6 (£3.85) at a White Stripes show in the Gold Dollar, Detroit.


Speaking about selling the single, Jack White said: “I remember me and a friend were talking, ‘Aw that’s too much! No-one’s gonna buy it at the Gold Dollar for six dollars.’ Hahaha! Then we went in to sell them and you can’t pick! You had to buy the first one, and there was a ton of people standing around waiting for someone to buy the first one, because they didn’t want the first one. They wanted the 10th one.”

Two other copies from the collection have also been sold in the past – one for $2700 (£1,720) in 2004, and one for a massive $18,000 (£11,500) in 2010.

Jack White released his debut solo album ‘Blunderbuss’ earlier this year.