The White Stripes: ‘happier than ever’

Jack White praises UK tour but misses home

The White Stripes have revealed that they are “happier than ever” as they wind up their tour of the UK.

The duo play the last of their shows on these shores at Manchester Apollo tonight (November 17) before heading to Iceland for a one-off gig at Reykjavik’s Laugardalsholl.

In the latest message on the band’s official website, Jack White – still referring to himself and drummer Meg as III Quid and Penny Farthing – said: “Penny Farthing and I took a walk today, around the island, and breathed fresh air. We’re running out of things to do in the world, running out of places to play, and running out of air for our lungs. Feeling good as ever though.”

Speaking about the live versions of single ‘The Denial Twist’, which have been recorded at every show on their current tour and are available to download, White said: “We’ve been thinking too, we’ve been handing out CDs to download ‘The Denial Twist’. Every night we do it different see, for kicks and newtons. We have done seven different versions of ‘The Denial Twist’ so far this trip. If you weren’t fortunate enough to get one handed to you, you can get it this week I think. No one tells me anything though, so consult your local congressman.”

However, the guitarist revealed that the band are missing their home country, saying: “Penny and I miss America, did you know? Maybe Penny should be Miss America? We miss the Grand Canyon, the Grand Tetons, and hundred grand candy bars.”

Penny and I are sad that we have to take a break soon,” he added. “It takes so long to play the whole world doesn’t it? Why haven’t we played in India? Why haven’t we played more in Indiana? What is indie? What is mainstream? Is it sane to play mainly on the plains or only to the lonely?”

Signing off the message, White said: “We are happier now than ever Penny and I, these trips have lit up our faces, all around the world. From Kansas, to Canada, from Mexico to Manchester. We’re even stopping in Iceland to play on the way home. How about that? Never thought that would happen. Then again, I never thought I’d hear ‘Seven Nation Army’ played on the bagpipes. Though, I still haven’t. Plenty to look forward to and I’m well chuffed. III Quid.”