The White Stripes star avoids jail but pleads guilty to assault and battery...

JACK WHITE will have to attend anger management training after pleading guilty to assault and battery against VON BONDIES singer JASON STOLLSTEIMER.

As previously reported on NME.COM, Jack appeared in a Detroit court today (March 9) to defend himself against the charge.

The White Stripes star’s legal problems relate to a fight in December last year when he got into a bar brawl with Von Bondies’ singer Jason Stollsteimer at the Detroit Magic Stick.

Jack won’t have to serve jail time but will pay a $500 fine and $250 in court costs.

The singer has been told not to contact Stollsteimer, and he will have to attend anger management classes.

36th District Court Judge Paula Humphries heard Jack had punched and spat at the Von Bondies star during the brawl which started after Jack took offence at Jason’s comments in the press about him.

Speaking after the hearing Jack read out a statement to reporters, which read: “This was a personal matter and not a press promotion. I regret allowing myself to be provoked to the point of getting into a fistfight but I was raised to believe that honour and integrity mean something and that those principles are worth defending.”

White’s laywer Wally Piszczatowski added: “We’re very happy with the result and we’re happy that the most highly celebrated bar-scuffle in the history of the city of Detroit has finally come to an end. Jack is pleased he can focus on what he does best, which is making music and attending to his very busy schedule, and can do so without having to think about the criminal charges.”