Jack White Vs. Billy Childish poster redesigned

The ‘tribute’ is back on sale

The controversial Jack White Vs. Billy Childish poster has gone back on sale after being redesigned.

The move comes after White‘s lawyers took legal action over the latest development in his war of words with garage man Billy Childish and contacted the east London art gallery Aquarium who exhibit Childish‘s work.

The “tribute” poster depicting a fictional boxing match between ‘Bitter’ Billy Childish Vs. Jack ‘Whingy’ White now features a cartoon of White instead of the original photograph.

Describing the artwork, Aquarium have said: “The White Stripes got eBay to stop the auction as they claimed it was violating their intellectual property rights.”

They added: “If anyone has a claim (however weak) of copyright theft it’s whoever designed the Ali Vs. Norton poster that we’ve ripped off.”

Explaining the changes, the gallery said: “You’ll notice that the poster pictured here has changed slightly from the first one. This is not an admission that they’re right, it’s just to make it more difficult for them to pull the same stunt again.”

As previously reported, lawyers acting for The White Stripes claimed that the poster violated their intellectual property rights and tried to prevent eBay from selling the items.

Aquarium have now commented: “Just in case Jack is being so unsporting about this fine commemorative artwork auction because he thinks he should be getting a share of the mountains of cash we’re going to make out of it, we’re going to give him a share. Fifty per cent in fact… The gallery will give up its share and Billy and Jack will get to split the wadge of dosh between them.

“We’ll convert Jack‘s booty into gold, stick it in a pot, and he can collect it from us when he’s next in London.”

The hostilities between the two musicians kicked off when Childish slammed The White Stripes‘ music in American GQ magazine saying: “I can’t listen to that stuff.”

White soon responded on the band’s official website calling Childish “a bitter garage rocker”, to which Childish retorted again in an open letter, claiming “it all smacks of jealousy to me”.