But he had nice time in Central America…

JACK WHITE has slated all books about White Stripes.

Posting on his official website, the singer warned fans to steer clear of band biographies, and singled out a couple of volumes in particular for criticism.

“Meg and I forgot to give you advice about books about our band. Here it is… don’t buy them,” writes White. “They are all horrendous, but especially stay away from ‘Fell In Love With A Band’ by Chris Handyside. What a load of excrement he got published! Absolute Shit in our opinion, despite a lukewarm review in the ’New York Times’.”


White suggests that Handyside “saw to it to ask all the wrong people the wrong questions”, admitting that he and Meg “read it after tea on Sundays (which Meg and I do with all the books about ourselves)”.

White also attacks British author Everett True, stating his book ’The White Stripes And The Sound Of Mutant Blues’ is “another shit horrible book about the band”.

Instead of writing about White Stripes, White recommends prospective authors steer clear of his band, for now.

“Note to anyone interested in writing books about us: Why don’t you wait thirty years first… and then write about a band that you actually like,” he advises.

Additionally, White revealed that the band enjoyed their recent, Central and South American tour, but declared that pictures circulating on the internet of him on a boat are not from his wedding.

“I’m sorry to say they aren’t wedding pictures. Just a bunch of loons catching spiders,” he wrote. “We made so many new friends in South America, Mexico and Central America. Super people. Different attitudes down there. Lots of smiling. That was nice to see.”


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