White Stripes new release details revealed

The band reveal what their next single is

White Stripes are to release ’The Denial Twist’ as their next single – and the video will be directed by Michel Gondry.

The single, the third to be taken from the band’s current album ’Get Behind Me Satan’, is set for release on November 14, to coincide with Jack and Meg’s UK tour.

The video for the single will be directed by Gondry, who most recently worked on the video for ’The Hardest Button To Button’ with them.

He told MTV: “It’s going to be a real — how do you say it? — a mindblower. It is based on one day in Jack and Meg‘s life. It’s re-enacting a day when they went to play on the Conan O’Brien show, in a very bizarre way. We see them playing on the stage, then they talk to Conan, and then they take their car and drive amongst giant people, and then they go home and watch their performance on TV. But the whole time, they will be distorted and stretched.”

Filming for the video will begin in October.