The White Stripes singer reportedly comes to blows with Jason Stollsteimer...

White Stripes singer JACK WHITE has allegedly been involved in a fracas with Von Bondies star JASON STOLLSTEIMER.

Both were

at the launch party of Blanche’s new album at Detroit’s Magic Stick venue (December 13).

According to various Detroit based websites, Jack and Jason were involved in an argument that came to blows.

One fan at the show claimed to NME.COM: “I was standing directly behind Jason when it went down. I remember hearing one person say ‘Oh shit, it’s Jack and Jason’.”

A spokesperson for the Detroit Police Department told NME.COM that eyewitnesses claimed they saw Jack, real name John Anthony White (Gillis) pull Stollsteimer to the ground, punch him repeatedly and give him a black eye.

Both parties filed reports to the police, which are currently under investgation.

A spokesperson for White Stripes is currently unable to comment on the reports.

Earlier this year a major rock rift appeared to have opened with Jack claiming Stollsteimer had “gone off the deep end”.

However, Jason played down the reports. He told NME.COM: “Things have gotten blown out of proportion. (Jack) was at our Coachella show right in the middle row. That was just a few months ago.”

He added: “White Stripes aren’t the type of people you call on the cellphone every day. Everyone is really busy. It’s not like we go over to each other’s houses and watch movies and eat popcorn together. With any of these people it’s a respect thing. It’s not out of the ordinary for any of the (Detroit) bands not to talk to anyone for a long time.”