It turns out Iggy Pop is a fan of The White Stripes...

JACK WHITE almost became a temporary member of Iggy And The Stooges.

White Stripes star was in the frame for a collaboration after the garage legends reformed to play a number of tracks on frontman Iggy Pop‘s new album, ‘Skull Ring’.

Iggy Pop was so inspired by the White Stripes that he based some songs on the band, and was tempted to draft White in to play bass on the record, according to VH1.

Talking about new track ‘Loser’, Iggy Pop said: “I wrote that after I heard ‘White Blood Cells’, because I thought, ‘My God, they’re a little bit Iggy And The Stooges, a little bit Pretenders, I could do that. I decided that if they’re gonna rewrite me, I’ll rewrite them.”

And since late bassist Dave Alexander was not around to join the reunion, Iggy Pop claims there was talk of bringing White in, which would have been ironic since White Stripes famously have no bass player. “We came very close,” said Iggy Pop, “but Jack wanted to do an entire Iggy And The Stooges album, and the Iggy And The Stooges weren’t ready for that. It was one of those things that got a little off-balanced and went a little too far, too fast, so it didn’t happen.”