Jack White Coke ad to air in the UK

But only once

Jack White’s Coca-Cola advert is to be shown in the UK this weekend.

However, the short film, called ‘What Comes Around’, will only be aired once. on Channel 4’s Album Chart Show at 1.55am on Sunday morning (April 30).

The 100-second ad features White’s track ‘Love Is The Truth’, which includes the lyrics ‘It’s the right thing to do/And you know it/It’s inside of you/So just show it/Love is the truth.”

A spokeswoman for the soft drinks company has confirmed it had no plans to air the ad more than once in the UK, the Media Guardian reports.

Coca-Cola GB however is making the short advert available online for viewing for a limited time at coca-cola.co.uk/whatgoesaround and it believed that the soft drinks giant aired a 30-second shortened version in Australia during a MTV Awards show.

The internet has also been playing host to grainy pirate copies of the film for the last week.

Be sure to pick up this week’s issue of NME which includes the first full review of Jack White’s Coca-Cola song, out on newsstands right now.