White Stripes frontman plays guitar with them at New York show - then hundreds of fans gather to mob both bands later...

The White Stripes joined The Strokes in a blistering finale to the bands’ sold-out two-header gigs in New York last night (August 15).

White Stripes guitarist Jack White belted out the guitar solo for ‘New York City Cops’ to close the bands’ last New York gig at the historic Radio City Music Hall. Drummer Meg kept time in the wings.

Earlier, The Strokes took the stage with a still-injured lead singer Julian Casablancas on crutches. He threw away the supports and performed an incendiary set from a stool – as he had done throughout the tour, which began last week in the White Stripes’ hometown Detroit.

The Strokes played a tight set that relied heavily on their album ‘Is This It’, complemented by a handful of new songs.

They began with brand new track ‘The Way it Is’. The set also featured newies ‘Meet Me in the Bathroom’ and ‘You Talk Way Too Much’.

Beck, fresh from his own sell-out stint of acoustic gigs in New York, was among the 6,000 capacity audience, watching New York’s finest in their grandest homecoming gig yet.

Although rumours had circulated for days that he would play an impromptu set between the White Stripes and The Strokes, he remained in his seat throughout the night.

There was chaos outside following the show when several hundred fans gathered on 51st Street and both bands greeted them from their second floor dressing room windows. Meg White struck up conversations with a number of, mostly male, fans while Jack caused a scrum when he threw one of his red tee-shirts into the crowd. The Strokes waved and at one point drummer Fabrizio Moretti toyed with the crowd pretending he was going to leap.

One fan, Chris Hunter, told NME.COM it was “like Sinatra hanging out of his dressing room windows at the… Paramount theatre in the 1940’s.