Jack White reveals he'll be working on new stuff before the duo play Reading and Leeds...

JACK WHITE has said he’ll spend the time between now and the READING AND LEEDS FESTIVALS working on the follow-up to ’ELEPHANT’.

The duo, whose UK tour ended last week (January 30) with an NME Awards Show at the London Brixton Academy, will not play over here again until the summer if Jack gets his way.

He told John Peel: ” We’re done with ‘Elephant’, and we’re not touring any more on that album so, I just need a break. We’ve toured the world on it, so I guess I got to get inspired again… When you keep playing every night, every night, and we put so much energy every night into it…I don’t like to write songs on the road, so I need to just go home and rest.”

White Stripes release a new single ’There’s No Home For You Here’ on vinyl on March 15. There are also plans for a DVD, recorded on their recent UK shows.