Following their championing in the pages of NME, The Sun, The Mirror and The Times are among the publications discussing the duo's merits...

THE WHITE STRIPES were today at the centre of a national media feeding frenzy following their championing in the pages of NME.

Following appearances in yesterday’s (August 7) Guardian and The Times, today the Detroit band were featured in The Sun and The Mirror, just as NME put them on the cover after first discovering them South By SouthWest music conference in Texas this spring.

Instead of the usual celebrity gossip, today’s The Sun newspaper devotes almost its entire ‘Bizarre’ page to the duo.


Under the headline ‘Stripes Are Stars’, showbiz columnist Dominic Mohan declares he was “blown away” by “a devastating set of blistering guitar riffs performed at ear-bursting volume and breakneck speed” when they performed a ‘secret’ show at the Boston Arms in Tufnell Park, north London on Monday (August 6).

The pub gig was also attended by Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker and supermodel Kate Moss.

The Sun’s UK rival The Mirror decide the White Stripes are worthy of their news pages. On Page Ten of their main news section, a reporter asks whether the band are “The greatest band since the Sex Pistols …or just a load of old hype?”. The paper then devotes half a page to discussing the merits of the band, as well as listing a premium rate phone line where curious readers can hear the band.

The broadsheet media have also jumped onto the White Stripes bandwagon. BBC Radio 4 devoted part of their flagship morning news program ‘Today’ to the band, and as a result, the traditionally right-wing The Times newspaper (August 7) ran a feature asking whether the group “can put the beat back into the blues”.

A UK spokesperson for Cargo, who distribute their records in the UK, told NME.COM that he thought the tabloid reaction to the band was because they felt the need to jump onto something “cool”.

He said: “The tabloids are getting ahead of themselves, probably because they missed out on The Strokes. I just hope that as a result of all this people start to look at all the good music coming out of Detroit.”


For an exclusive interview with White Stripes, see this week’s NME, out nationwide now.