The evidence that Jack and Meg White were once hitched gets stronger...

Just days after a marriage license for White Stripes pair JACK and MEG WHITE was posted in the Internet, a divorce certificate has surfaced.

The certificate shows that the September 9, 1996 marriage between John Anthony White and Megan Martha White was severed on March 24, 2000. According to the certificate, the pair separated in February 1999.

The certificate is posted on, the same website that posted the original wedding certificate.

While Jack White was named on the wedding certificate as John Anthony Gillis (his real name), it is widely accepted in Detroit that he took Meg’s name sometime after their marriage. The birth dates for both John White and Meg White on the divorce certificate match those on the wedding license, as does the date and the place of the wedding – South Lyon in Oakland County, Michigan.

The divorce certificate was pulled from the public records office (Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Records) at Michigan Department of Community Health.

Jack and Meg White have consistently maintained they never were married, insisting they are siblings coming, in a proper blues tradition, from a family of ten.

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