Fresh evidence that the 'siblings' were formerly man and wife...

The ongoing saga over the nature of the relationship between White Stripes pair JACK and MEG WHITE has taken a further twist with the production of a marriage certificate purporting to be of the pair.

Dating from September 21 1996, the certificate details the wedding of Megan Martha White to John Anthony Gillis – long mooted by people in Detroit as Jack White’s real name. The pair are registered as both being 21 at the time. The ceremony, according to the certificate, took place in Lyon, Michigan. It has been posted on [url=] here, and comes with various claims of authenticity.

The most striking of these comes from reporter Jeff Sabatini who claims to have pulled the certificate from the records office of Wayne County, Detroit where the certificate was notorised on September 26 1996. However, the waters become muddied when it is noted the wedding took place in Oakland County. Oakland County have no record of a marriage involving either a Megan White or a John Gillis. Wayne County Records office could not be reached at press time.

It is not the first time it has been suggested the pair were once married. Last year, local newspaper the Detroit Free Press made the claim, adding they were divorced in March 2000 in Oakland County.

Jack and Meg White have maintained they are siblings coming, in a proper blues tradition, from a family of ten.

However, Jack White started out life as a drummer before turning to the guitar relatively late. As a teenager, he drummed with Detroit trad-country punk outfit Goober & Peas. The band’s website -[url=] click here -carries a photo of a youthful Jack and lists him as Jack Gillis, openly claiming he is “now part of an internationally famous duo”.